Better Business Bureau

OnePointSync is accredited with the BBB. Check us out on their webpage!


OnePointSync is a privately owned / privately funded corporation located in Lakewood, Colorado.


We started our journey as a couple of IT professionals just interested in a better email system for our current customers and for ourselves. With numerous companies offering hosted email we figured it wouldn’t be so hard. We started with a hosted Exchange system which worked, half the time. We had numerous connect issues and often times emails wouldn’t send. We figured this was just a bad setup, so we tried other hosted Exchange systems. We even setup our own mini network of Exchange servers. After repeated problems with this setup we decided we needed to do something different. We stumbled across Kerio Technologies one night and by the next evening, we had a Linux server setup and running. The rest is history.


OnePointSync utilizes all energy star rated servers. From mainboards to hard drives to batteries to cooling, our entire data center is built using green technology. To add, all of our employees utilize MacBook Air notebooks, so we don’t have numerous desktop machines hogging power!


OnePointSync is a preferred partner of many main stream vendors. We are certified to sell, integrate and maintain products from numerous vendors including:

OnePointSync Mission

OnePointSync is a full service IT consulting and cloud services firm offering products and solutions for small to medium sized business. Our products and services faciliate the need for ongoing IT support and communication, while being cost effective to the customer. We deliver these services with expert knowledge and support while being user friendly. OnePointSync maintains an exciting environment which promotes creativity and dedication from our employees.

Industries we serve

  • Food / Grocery
  • Graphic Design
  • Flood Restoration
  • Construction
  • IT / Tech support
  • Sales Reps / Marketing Reps
  • National Speakers / Associations
  • Real Estate Brokers and Firms
  • Accounting
  • Sports Marketing
  • Education
  • Insurance / Investments Groups
  • Water Districts
  • Security Firms
  • Metal Fabricators / Machining
  • Landscape / Architectural
  • Aircraft
  • Interior Design
  • Government Consulting
  • Non-Profits

The OnePointSync Team

Maintaining and Delivering I.T. support for customers throughout the Front Range takes serious time, dedication, and commitment. Meet the owners, Nicholas Hoague and Ray Lund of OnePointSync, LLC. who have excelled in these categories over the past 20 years.

  • Paul Capodieci
    Paul Capodieci Outside Sales
  • Nicholas Hoague
    Nicholas Hoague Support Manager
  • Sasha Edwards
    Sasha Edwards Social / Marketing
  • Ray Lund
    Ray Lund Sales Manager
  • Andre Small
    Andre Small Support Tech
  • Andrea Watts
    Andrea Watts Outside Sales