We provide two different options for email. The first option is Kerio Connect which is great for small business, and what we recommend for apple users. It runs using Windows, Linux and OS X, allowing you to access your mail from virtually any computer. When coupled with Kerio Firewalls, Kerio Connect provides a stable program, protecting your mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Kerio Connect may also be accessed from any mobile device, making it easy for your employees to be effective and efficient. This service can be on the cloud or on your own server.


  • Multiple email addresses per user
  • Multiple domains
  • User groups
  • Email aliases
  • Moderated/Unmoderated mailing lists
  • Public/Shared folders
  • Out of Office messages
  • Message filters
  • Delegation
  • Domain Footers
  • Request delivery receipt in Kerio

Instant Messaging

  • Private/Group chat
  • File transfers
  • Audio/Video chat
  • Presence
  • Permanent & dynamic chat rooms
  • Password/Access control
  • Contacts photos from GAL
  • XMPP client support


  • Private/Shared/Public calendars
  • Schedule meetings
  • Reserve conference rooms/resources
  • Free/Busy assistance
  • Recurring meetings
  • Reminders
  • Delegation
  • Comment when replying to meeting invitations (new in 8.4)


  • Create/Assign tasks
  • Due dates
  • Reminders


  • Shared/Private contacts
  • Contact photos
  • Global Address List (GAL)
  • Click to Call in Kerio Connect client
  • Autocomplete or select from Address book when composing email in Kerio Connect Client


  • Extensive mobile device support
  • Configure device using Exchange ActiveSync or CalDAV/CardDAV/IMAP
  • Email, Calendar, Contacts & Tasks sync
  • Public/Shared folder sync
  • Shared Calendar/Contacts sync (iOS devices)
  • Automated Account Configuration for iOS Devices
  • Exchange ActiveSync device management in Kerio Connect client


  • Password policy/expiration
  • SHA password storage
  • SSL encryption & certificate management
  • S/MIME protection
  • DKIM signature support
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy support
  • Anti-spoofing (Caller ID/SPF)
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Password change control
  • Password guessing protection
  • Remote mobile device wipe
  • S/MIME protection in desktop and web mail clients


  • Microsoft Outlook (Windows & Mac)
  • Microsoft Entourage
  • Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts & Reminders apps
  • Kerio Connect client (Web mail)

Contact us today about your needs and we will put together a Kerio Connect email quote for your business.