OnePointSync is your Ransomware Expert

Ransomware is the number one concern for small business owners as well as large corporations. The good news is that with the right security measures, you can easily protect yourself from an attack.

Secure your network and devices

At OnePointSync, we provide IT solutions that will protect your business from becoming a victim of ransomware.

  • Backup data – Should attackers corrupt data, having a backup means never paying a ransom.
  • Virtualize servers – By utilizing virtual technology, servers can be snapshotted for instant recovery.
  • Update software – By always using the latest version of software, you can stay one step ahead of ransomware attacks.
  • Firewall protection and anti-malware – Good cyber security measures will help identify suspicious and malicious online behavior.

Talk to one of our IT experts about how you can get educated, be secure, and avoid getting caught by ransomware attacks.