• OnePointSync has consistently provided our company with exceptional email support. In all situations they have gone above & beyond the call of duty to insure that our email is rock solid and does not affect our business operations. We commonly recommend their services to our clients when they want perfect support and reliable email services.

    Ed Partch, President American Tech Support
  • Do you have multiple email accounts? When you're on the road do you sometimes miss emails? New phone won't sync with your other programs? If so, you need OnePointSync. As their name suggests, all your information (email, calendar, contacts and tasks) are accessed from a single point. Log on from your office computer, laptop, phone or from anywhere with web access. Their staff is super helpful and the setup is a breeze. Mac or Linux user, no problem. In today's world, you can't afford to be out of touch. Not even for a minute!

    Troon Insurance
  • Dealing with National Security and Secret-level files, emails and contacts, our company had a very specific need for an hosting service provider.  After conducting a full on-site audit of several providers, eXsolution chose OnePointSync because they have excellent security protocols and are immediately responsive to our needs.  eXsolution is happy to endorse and recommend OnePointSync to any business.

  • As our company expanded, the OnePointSync family of products was a natural fit for our business. We are currently using their Connect product and have used it for years, we just added the Workspace and this product has increased our productivity 10-Fold. I recommend OPS to all my industry partners, outside companies and even family and friends. They are that good.

    Jennifer Muller Reversco Properties
  • OnePointSync is simply the best at hosted email. Their customer support is what makes this company really stand out. Hosted email is nothing new in the IT world, but when you have a question or a problem. It's nice to know that somebody is at the other end of the phone willing and happy to help!

    Alvin Deemo Lund Computer Services
  • Our company found itself changing hosting providers 4 times in as many years.  Now that we've gone with OnePointSync, we finally have a provider that is responsive and delivers everything they promised.  We'll never change again, thanks OnePointSync!

    Delphi Companies
  • I used to run my own in house mail server thinking it was cool to have my very own "mail" server.  I didn't feel so cool after it crashed one day, and crashed hard.  I was out of email for 3 days, and while I had backups, it was a matter of rebuilding the server before I could even access my backed up data.  Not to mention the costs of rebuilding a mail server, and who knows how much business I lost due to not having email. OnePointSync has saved my business, and my sanity.  I simply don't worry anymore about the most important communication tool to my business.  I've tried numerous hosted email platforms and quite frankly OnePointSync is the best.  They use Kerio, and I've noticed my email is so much faster than it ever was with Exchange. Thanks OnePointSync!

    Stu Ward Network Dynamix Corp.
  • I’ve been using OnePointSync for over a year now.  I run my own business and in today’s economy you have to be efficient to stay ahead and gain a competitive advantage.  OnePointSync allows me to do just that. Having all of my information in sync at all times allows me to focus on my business.  My iPhone was a great tool, but when it was not in sync with my laptop in the office I was wasting valuable time manually syncing my emails, contacts, and calendar.  Now with all my information in sync I’m saving hours of time and in turn money.  In addition, all the information is accurate in each location and updated virtually instantly.  The speed of the email also allows me to respond quickly to important messages and stay ahead of my competition.   I also recently had a phone that broke, in the past this would have meant losing all of my information and going through the painful task of updating everything.  This time I simply replaced the phone and it within minutes all of my information was on my new phone.   If you or your business is considering choosing OnePointSync I would highly recommend them.

    Dominic Massa, Owner PropertyLine Real Estate
  • OnePointSync has been a top-notch company to work with over the past few years. They have been extremely good with providing technical support and on many occasions they have "come to the rescue" when we encountered issues with our email and Blackberry devices. I would and do recommend OnePointSync for all hosted email and Blackberry services.

    SV Commercial Partners