OnePointSync Service Level Agreement Overview

OnePointSync is a cloud services provider of email, VoIP, remote desktop, and data backup. Our experts perform security updates and maintenance 24×7 which means that your IT personnel can focus on the issues of your organization without needing to worry about your core communication layer.

OnePointSync guarantees 99.99% availability as measured below.  Down time for the replacement of any failed server components, while uncommon, shall be performed at no cost to the customer including but not limited to components such as drives, switches, and power supplies.  Server availability is calculated based upon log-in access.

OnePointSync utilizes geographically available data centers with backup email servers in the event the primary data center is not accessible.  These backup data centers responsibility is to capture all email traffic which is not delivered to the primary, and then to deliver caught emails to the primary data center upon access.  This results in zero loss of incoming messages.

This is a contractually binding Service Level Agreement (SLA).  If we don’t deliver quality service, you are eligible for money back.

We strive for 100% uptime, but sometimes that just isn’t possible.  Unlike other vendors, we measure downtime in minutes — not hours.

We stand by the availability of our robust, geographically available datacenters, and fully redundant hardware.  If you experience anything less than 100% uptime, please contact OnePointSync right away to a) solve the problem, b) discuss potential reimbursement for downtime.

Service Credit Guarantee –  In the event of any performance failure at a level above or for any reason not scheduled maintenance, you may be eligible for credits of the service in question, in an amount equal to one full day of charges for that service for each 15 minutes of downtime.  In order to receive such credit, you must contact OnePointSync and provide valid proof of network outage.  Valid proof consists of ping tests, DNS tests and / or telnet connection tests with a proper time stamp.

Service Credit Claim Process –  You may make a request for service credit at any time as long as your account is in good standing.  In the event of a submission, OnePointSync will contact you directly to discuss the problem, and potential outcomes.  Multiple service requests will not be given for the same time period, and the total number of requests in a month may not exceed the monthly recurring charge actually paid by you.  Service credits will be credited towards your next invoice and may not be received in the form of a refund.  To place a service credit request, please email

Scheduled Maintenance / Software Upgrades –  It is necessary for OnePointSync to make scheduled maintenance to maintain our data center, provide upgrades, and repair software / hardware in a timely manner.  In the event OnePointSync requires any scheduled maintenance you will be notified via email with a minimum of 3 (three) days prior to the commencement of any scheduled maintenance.  Scheduled maintenance will always be held between 10:00AM MST to 2:00 AM MST.  During these maintenance windows, the network may or may not be accessible.

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