Everyone is talking about “The Cloud.” But what does it mean?

Basically, the “Cloud” is using a server hosted somewhere else besides your network, on the Internet, usually virtualized, and managed by someone else.

These uses are commonly found in applications like Quickbooks, Customer Relationship Managers (Salesforce), or custom applications in which you connect via a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) the hosted server. Many mobile apps now also let you connect via RDC.

With Internet connections now being more stable than ever before, many businesses are leveraging their Internet and reducing costs by not purchasing hardware (servers, firewalls, and redundant equipment), licensing, and support costs.

Cloud computing

With cloud computing, you eliminate the headaches associated with managing hardware and software, and worst of all … downtime. That’s the responsibility of an experienced company like OnePointSync. Unlike other companies which bill for what you use, we have a set levels and costs for cloud servers. We still manage upgrades and maintenance!


OnePointSync’s Datacenter

OnePointSync has built its own datacenter from the ground up. We utilize only Green SuperMicro servers, redundant and meshed switching gear, and all of our virtual host servers are connected with dedicated cluster networks.

We have also invested into multiple Fiber ISPs that work in a bonded network to ensure uptime from unforeseen outages.

Contact us today about your IT Cloud requirements and we will put a quote together for you!