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The online world can seem big and scary, and if you’re reading the news it seems like there are hackers waiting on the other side of every click of the mouse or tap of the finger. Unfortunately, this isn’t an exaggeration. Hackers are lying in wait, hoping to find an opening so they can disrupt your entire life and ruin your business. Sometimes they are looking for cash, sometimes they are looking for data, but all of the time they are coming up with new ways to infiltrate your network. Here are three signs you’ve been hacked.

Signs you've been hacked

OnePointSync has many solutions for increasing your online security to avoid being hacked.

Signs you’ve been hacked

There are two types of hackers; the “hands up, this is a robbery” type hacker, and then there are the “pick-pockets” who are hiding in plain sight. The first is easy to spot, but by then, it’s too late. The other is much harder to spot, so you need to know when you’ve been hacked.


A big sign, one we’re seeing more and more, is when people wake up, turn on their computer and find a ransom message. Ransomware is on the rise, and it’s becoming the go-to method for hackers to make a quick buck to fund their criminal endeavors.

Password doesn’t work

Another clear sign that something is wrong is when your password all of a sudden, doesn’t work. One of the first things a hacker will do is to lock you out of your system. To do that, you need to backtrack your moves to see where you allowed hackers to gain access. A common hacker trick is to send phishing emails that appear to be from trusted sources. Never respond to an email that asks you to reset your password, unless you are 100% sure that you trust the source.

Pop-ups and other unusual activity

Signs you've been hacked

Invalid passwords are a common sign that you may have been hacked.

If you’re experiencing an increase in pop-ups, this is a sure sign that you’ve been hacked. In fact, if your online experience all of a sudden changes, you get redirected from one sight to the next, search engine has changed, or random toolbars appear, it’s a big clue that your network has been compromised.

Increase cyber security

Since hackers are constantly finding new ways to hack, the IT industry is also coming up with new ways to combat malware and ransomware. We recommend that you perform regular back-ups of your entire system, as well as, use antimalware programs and network monitoring programs to always keep an eye on your network.

OnePointSync can help you install the right anti-virus and anti-malware programs to increase your cybersecurity. We will also install network monitoring systems, which acts like a 24hour security guard, always on the lookout for suspicious activity. The final security measure is a regular and secure backup plan. Talk to the IT experts at OnePointSync for complete IT solutions, including security, for your Denver business.

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