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Backing up is a vital part of running a business, but not every backup solution is created equal. For companies that have complex computer systems and servers, an image-based backup solution can get you up and running with very little downtime.

Image-based backup solutions

Image-based backup solutions will take a selfie of your system that is quickly restored in case of catastrophe.

What is an image-based backup solution?

Most companies are familiar with the file-based backup solutions. This backup solution is great for restoring files in the event of a security breach or data loss. However, if your entire system goes down, a file-based backup solution may prove insufficient. An image-based backup solution will create a virtual image of your entire operating system, including all files, all programs, and all OS configurations. We like to think of image-based backup solutions as a “system selfie,” and the most important selfie you’ll ever take!

Evaluating your backup solution needs

When we evaluate your backup needs, we are calculating the quickest and most efficient way to restore your data and your system with as little downtime as possible. When it comes to your servers and your operating systems, you will need an alternative to file-based backup solutions to quickly restore your entire system.

Minimizing downtime

Backup solutions for your business

Image-based backup solutions are recommended for servers and high-priority workstations.

Imaged-based backup solutions aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny. We often ask our clients, “how much downtime can you afford?” The answer is always “no downtime!” Having an image-based backup solution means that you can recreate your entire system, not just the files, on another device with almost no downtime in case of server or hardware failure. If all you have is a file-based backup solution, your IT team may need to spend extra time recreating certain elements of your system before everything is back to normal. The more time you spend recreating your system, the more time you will be offline, and the more costly the catastrophe will be for your business.

OnePointSync offers complete IT solutions, including backup solutions for small and midsized businesses in Denver, Colorado. Talk to one of our IT experts about what backup solution is best for your business.

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