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Landlines are increasingly becoming outdated. Fewer people are using them at home, and businesses have gradually taken notice. 

As broadband internet continues to evolve, businesses see VoIP phone systems as more convenient and a good way to optimize communication within the workplace. Here’s a look at why VoIP phone systems are getting popular, and tips on choosing the best VoIP system.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows people to place phone calls via an internet connection. One reason people enjoy VoIP phone systems over landlines is that you’re not using analog or regular phone lines to establish connections. 

Using VoIP technology turns sound into digital packets and transfers it through the internet in a similar way to other data types like emails. It’s a new technology that modernizes calling and drastically improves call quality.

What Are the Benefits of VoIP?

VoIP technology has arguably surpassed landlines in terms of call quality and ensures that calls are as clear as possible. 

It also has multiple functions as modern VolP phone systems merge communication services like messaging, teleconferencing, video conferencing, voicemail, and presence information, among others. 

VoIP phone systems are also quite secure, using standardized encryption protocols to fully secure your calls and data. 

VoIP phone system

VoIP phone system quality is very comparable to landline capability.

Kerio Operator vs AllWorx

Two of the biggest VoIP phone systems around are Kerio Operator and AllWorx. Kerio Operator has impressive call routing capabilities, including customized call-queue audio messaging, call forwarding, and ring groups that send inbound calls to extensions throughout a department. Kerio Operator also has call handling that has directed call handling and call monitoring with access codes for active calls. 

Allworx, meanwhile, works for employees in single locations or multiple sites. It includes desktop integration that improves productivity with PC-based integration and call management. Deciding which is the best VoIP system depends on the demands your business has and how much you need to optimize your communication. 

Choose the best VoIP system for your business and get the best quote for it.

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