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Remember “Catch Me If You Can”? The movie where Tom Hanks played cat and mouse with Leonardo DiCaprio who was cashing fake Delta checks and scamming people for financial gain. But then, instead of sending Leo to jail they employ help to improve their security and avoid future scams. Sorry (not sorry) for the unannounced spoiler. Many major institutions, corporations, and government agencies are using those same tactics to learn about weaknesses in their systems and processes. Hiring ethical hackers is an excellent way for businesses to fully understand how they are weak, and how hackers operate.

Improving cyber security

Ethical hackers can test your vulnerability and help improve cybersecurity.

Understanding the hackers

Every business has a demographic that they are trying to reach. Reaching your demographic takes research into their likes and dislikes, habits and interest. The more you understand what makes your customers tick, the better you can tweak your marketing to speak their language and appeal to their senses. You can use those same tactics to understand a group of people that you want to avoid at all costs – hackers. Understanding hackers and their way of operating will help you set up security measures to thwart their evil scams.

Ethical hackers

Every business could benefit from first-hand insight into the minds of hackers. It’s like getting a look at the opponent’s playbook so you can plan a good defense or an even better offense. There are plenty of White Hat hackers, or Ethical Hackers, that are not criminals, but can use hacker methods to try to penetrate your system, test the fences – so to speak – and find areas where your network is vulnerable.

Common hacking scams

Password generator

Weak password protection is like an open invitation to all hackers.

Ethical hackers can try to penetrate your system using the most common hacks used by cybercriminals. That can test your online practices in your company, seeing if your employees are being careless and leaving you open to being hacked, as well as test your passwords and encryptions. White hat hackers can test your system using phishing techniques, getting you to click on nefarious links or attachments to activate malware and ransomware. These ethical hackers can try to infiltrate your system in any way possible, even seeing how easy it is to get physical access to your devices to plan malicious software that can wreak havoc on your system, your business, and your reputation.


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