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Losing data can be detrimental to business. Having a reliable data backup service in place can be your saving grace in desperate times. Not backing up your data is like walking a tightrope without a safety net. “What if I’m an excellent tightrope walker,” you ask? No matter how good you are at your craft, there will always be elements that are out of your control. Backing up the data is protecting yourself against all the things that are beyond your control. So, now that we agree that every business owner needs a data backup system in place, let’s figure out the difference between on-premise and cloud backup, and what is best for your business.

Cloud back up service in Denver

Cloud backup is efficient and secure.

Backing up your data on-premise

Many business owners will opt to have a physical server on premise to back up data. Having on-premise data backup is tangible and easy to understand. You get a separate server, and from time to time, you back up your data.

You can also choose to have your on-premise backup device in an off-premise location. Yeah, sounds a little weird, but, “on-premise” basically refers to a physical device that is stored in a physical location.

On-premise data backup can be done manually, automatically,

On-premise backup security

Having a backup of your data is all about security. One downside to having your backup device on-premise is that it becomes vulnerable to theft or destruction. Although you can keep your backup device under lock and key, much like a safe for your diamonds, a locked server room can fall victim to break-ins and theft, just like the rest of your office. If there’s a fire or a flood, even the toughest lock won’t keep out water.

If you do end up choosing on-premise data backup for your business, we highly recommend that you keep the storage device in a separate location from your office for extra security.

Keeping your data in the cloud

Data backup service for Denver businesses

Connect every device to your backup service so that your data is never lost and easily accessible.

The cloud can seem like a very abstract idea to many business owners – understanding how the cloud works, how it is run, and how it is safe when they seem to be so far out of your reach. However, cloud backup can often be a lot more secure than your on-premise backup server.

The cloud is not much different from the physical storage device that you have on premise. The cloud is just a much bigger, much more elaborate storage device compiled of many different data centers with even more servers that can be accessed from the Internet.

Cloud backup service watch for changes in your data in real time. The cloud is continuously backing up your data at a much more frequent rate than an on-premise backup service.

Cloud backup security

Businesses can decide whether they want to have a private cloud server that only they can access, or if they want to back up their data to a shared server. However, even with a shared cloud server, there is still an incredibly high-level of security surrounding your cloud storage, and you have many people monitoring your data every second of every day. Cyber crime and ransomware are on the rise. Backing up your data is one step towards protecting your business from becoming a victim.

Get the right data backup service for your Denver business

Data backup is vital to secure your business. Talk to an IT expert about what type of data backup system is right for your Denver business.

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