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Avoid winter fatigue with bright colors

There’s no doubt that advances in technology have made the modern day office a lot more productive. Now that the days are getting shorter, it’s time to get a little creative to keep the energy up in the late afternoon. Clients don’t stop calling just because it’s dark outside. Make sure your team is clear-eyed and attentive in the later hours so that you can keep up your dedication to great customer service.

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Colors and LED lights that mimic the sun can help keep your office energized and productive.

Sunlight keeps us energized

There’s nothing like natural sunlight to keep your employees energized, but in the winter months, there are going to be times when you are still at the office even though the sun has set for the day. Of course, you can always treat your team to a strong cup of coffee in the late afternoon, but there are better, more natural ways for you to keep your team energized and productive.

Color your team happy

There are great advances in LED lighting that mimic the effects of natural sunlight, but you can also use color in your office to keep your worker bees buzzing. We’re not talking about finding your employees favorite color and then painting their cubicle aquamarine (for example.) We’re talking about using the psychological effects of colors to keep your employees from dozing off and making mistakes in the late afternoon or evening.

Bright, bold colors can stimulate your employees

Angela Wright, a world-renowned color psychologist, developed the Wright Theory, which can be applied to everything in life from branding to personal wellbeing. You can use it to make your office vibrant, creative, and productive.

Maximize productivity with technology

Technology can help maximize your productivity.

You don’t have to color your office like a box of Legos, but you can use a strategic burst of color to help your employees.

  • Blue – stimulates the mind
  • Yellow – inspires creativity
  • Green – promotes calm and balance
  • Red – affects your body and inspires passion

Creating a productive office

The more bright and saturated the colors, the bigger the effect. Choose wisely; you don’t want to overwhelm your team so much with bright colors that they won’t know which way to turn.

IT support and solutions for a productive office

Once you’ve created the perfect office space to grow your business, talk to one of our IT experts to make sure your technology can keep up with a bustling work environment.

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