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We’ve talked a lot about the protective measures you can put in place to secure your data and online information. But, one topic we haven’t discussed is data management. More specifically, managing how much data you decide to store. We are all data hoarders, and the more data we have, the more vulnerable we are to hacking schemes. Managing your data will increase your cybersecurity.

Data Hoarding

Data management

Hoarding data can leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.

We’ve all watched an episode (or 20) of Hoarders, incredulous at the amount of useless stuff that people keep around. Before you go patting yourself on the back for not sleeping behind a wall of old newspapers, we’d like to draw your attention towards data hoarding. You can’t see it, you can’t trip over it, and it doesn’t smell, but it is a problem that we are all guilty of, and it’s leaving us vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Data Management

Every business is continually receiving and reviewing data from multiple sources. Some data is useful, and we store it and organize it, but other data gets merely discarded. Or rather, it gets pushed aside and forgotten about. The ease of using cloud storage has made it too easy to store data, even data that we are never going to use. Files and documents that are just sitting around with no purpose to your business, but they could be an access point for hackers.

Unsecured Data

Deleting data

Delete unused and unnecessary data.

Overcollecting data leaves you vulnerable because much of this data could be less secure than data that you deem essential and useful. Hackers are capitalizing on our FOMO, causing us to over-collect all the data that comes our way. We’re afraid that if we get rid of something, then we’re going to regret it later. The problem is, this data is probably just floating around your cloud completely unprotected with no encryptions and no password protection.

Delete Data

Don’t clutter the cloud with unused and unnecessary data. Delete unused information and keep only the data that you need. Once you identify and organize your data, you can set up extra cybersecurity measures to protect your data from hackers.

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