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When you start a business, you are wearing many hats. “I’ll just do it myself” has become your mantra. Doing it yourself can ensure that you get exactly what you want, and it can save money on hiring extra hands. There are areas of business where it can be dangerous to DIY. One of those areas is cybersecurity. Here are the cybersecurity measures you can handle in-house, and those that you should outsource to cybersecurity experts.


Backup solutions are a big part of cybersecurity.

Why shouldn’t you handle your own security?

Cybersecurity should be on the minds of every business owner, in any industry. Experts all agree that it’s not a matter of “if,” but “when” your business is going to get hacked. If you’re diligently deleting and ignoring sketchy emails from odd sources in your inbox, you’ve probably already successfully sidestepped a few phishing scams, but you need more than a spam folder to secure your data, you’ll need a dedicated cybersecurity team.

Cybersecurity team

Hackers don’t sleep, so you need to protect your data at all times, and you need a dedicated team that is continually making sure that there are no lapses in security. Most small businesses should think about a combination of outsourcing their cybersecurity, as well as, instilling the best practices at the office so that employees know how they can help secure your data.

Outsourcing cybersecurity

A third party cybersecurity team can help you set up the right security measures to protect you from phishing, malware, and ransomware. Cybersecurity tools like firewalls to anti-virus programs, back-up solutions, virtual systems, and data recovery tools, need to be set up by professionals and monitored to make sure your system is protected 24/7. The cost of outsourcing your cybersecurity is significantly less than what it will cost you, both monetarily and in reputation to suffer a security breach. It’s way more cost efficient to maintain your client’s trust with comprehensive cybersecurity than to try to win back their trust because you decided to DIY.


Outsourcing cybersecurity

Divide your network into segments for better cybersecurity.

Beside cybersecurity tools, we can also help you set up your network to make it more secure. Breaking up your network into virtual segments to prevent anyone from accessing information that they don’t have reason to access. Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) are simply an extra security measure that you can put in place, making it even harder for anyone to get access to the sensitive, private, and proprietary information.

In-house cybersecurity

Securing your data is a team effort. There are security measures that you can be in charge of yourself. Making sure that your employees understand best practices when they work on the company network. Having rules for email and internet use at the office will go a long way to protecting your network and keeping out uninvited guests.

Disgruntled employees

Even the best boss in the world can’t please everybody. Sometimes business relationships don’t work out; sometimes you have to let perfectly good employees go. Not all hackers are faceless criminals hiding behind their fake online profiles. Sometimes the call is coming from inside the house, you know. If you’ve had to break up with an employee, make sure that you are quick to change the passwords and delete their profile so that they can’t come back and cause problems.

Password generator

Use a password generator.

Password generator

You can also manage your own passwords in house. Getting a password generator is a small expense that gives enormous payoff. A password generator will create secure and hard to crack passwords for all of your logins and remind you when you need to change a password, or whether you have duplicate passwords.

At OnePointSync, we provide IT solutions that will protect your business from becoming a victim of a cybercrime.

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