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Downtime is a four-letter word when it comes to your business. Actually, it’s two four-letter words smushed together, giving it double the power to destroy your business. No one likes downtime, not your clients, not your employees, and especially your IT support! There is no upside to downtime, so let’s look at the causes of downtime and how you can avoid causing irreparable damage to your business due to a malfunctioning computer system.

Avoiding network downtime

Avoid system downtime and keep your customers and employees happy.

Downtime can destroy a business

Anytime your computer system is out of service or lagging in speed you will create mass frustration that spreads from your employees to your customers. Your employees need your system to run smoothly so that they can continue to do their work, and your customers need your system up and running so that they feel safe and secure using your services and buying your products online. Downtime decreases productivity and creativity, resulting in a loss of profits. In a technologically driven world, you can’t afford downtime. You might be able to come back from one small glitch, but your stellar reputation has been irreversibly tarnished. Customers rarely forgive, and they certainly never forget. Not only will your company reputation be in jeopardy, but when your computer system is out of service, it can also have a significant financial impact.

Causes of downtime

Downtime can be caused by several factors; some are more destructive than others. Any time your system isn’t working optimally or is completely out of service is considered downtime. Your system can be out of service due to hardware failure, software failure, malware, ransomware, or other viruses. Although malware and ransomware are on the rise, the most common causes of downtime are outdated software and hardware.

Preventing downtime

Manged IT services in Denver

Get managed IT service to avoid unnecessary system downtime.

The first step to preventing downtime is to update your hardware and your software. Step two is to have a solid backup and disaster recovery plan. Every business needs a few contingency plans set in place in case catastrophe strikes. You know what they say, expect the best, prepare for the worst. With a solid backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you will be able to minimize the damaging effects of downtime. The third step is to align yourself with an IT service provider who can monitor and protect your entire system, making sure that it is always working as it should be, and can prevent downtime before it occurs.

IT services in Denver to prevent downtime

OnePointSync is a complete IT solutions provider for businesses in Denver. Our services include routine maintenance, cleaning of equipment, and tuning, to keep your systems at peak performance, preventing downtime. We also provide solutions specific to preventing your business from becoming a victim of ransomware.

To minimize the negative impact of downtime, talk to an IT expert about your IT needs.

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