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Every business is going to experience employee turnover. There are plenty of reasons for employees to move on, as well as reasons why a company will have to make internal changes related to staff. Business relationships are no different than personal relationships when it comes to breaking up. Not all breakups, despite your best efforts and reasoning, are going to be amicable, and when breakups turn contentious, they can sometimes also be destructive. For a business, employee turnover can be a risk to your sensitive data.

Protecting Data

Take proactive measures to protect your data from former employees.

Employee turnover is common

As the modern-day workplace changes, employee turnover becomes more prevalent. Millennials are famous for changing workplaces more frequently. They are less dependent on job security for life, always looking for the next venture, next project, and the next challenge. Of course, not all employees are going to take the moral high road when they move from job to job. When an employee leaves or is asked to leave, all they should bring with them is a useful reference and experience. However, some take a little more as they exit and move on, like your proprietary and private data.

Protect your data

Sometimes employees will steal data for selfish or malicious purposes, but sometimes, employees take data with them inadvertently. When people work remotely and use their computer, sometimes there will be data and information that they didn’t take on purpose. Employers need to protect their data and take proactive solutions to ensure data isn’t being taken by former employees, whether it’s on purpose or by accident.

Proactive data protection solutions

Now that everything has moved online, there is no reason for anyone to download data onto hard drives or USB drives. Using collaboration software has the benefit of employees being on the same page, as well as, give the employer more significant insight into who is using documents and using files. Watching the activity of employees and former employees can help you protect your data.

Data Protection Measures

Sometimes former employees don’t even realize they have sensitive data on personal devices.

Limit data access

You can also protect your most valuable data from theft by limiting your employee’s access. Setting up VLANs will allow each employee only to have access to their work product and the data necessary for them to do their job. All other data will be inaccessible, creating a higher level of security and data theft prevention.

Don’t BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become commonplace in most businesses. It’s really difficult, especially when you allow employees to work remotely, to not allow employees to use their own devices. However, the more personal devices that are being used for other things besides work-product, the more you open yourself up to hacking, ransomware, malware, and data theft. Every personal device that has access to your data can become a gateway for bad actors to gain access to your data.

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