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It’s important to remember as IT professionals that the majority of cyber breaches in Colorado occur to human error. As a result, you want to make sure that you invest in not only the top software and security, but also establishing strong best practices. Here’s what the experts use.

Documenting Policies

develop a good security policy

Communication is key for helping develop a good security policy.

Most small businesses cut down on expenses by utilizing a lot of intuition and word of mouth to discuss important topics. However, for cybersecurity, cold, hard documentation is your friend. By putting down documentation for all of your protocols, it’s easier for employees to have something to reference, as well as to find ways to improve when things go wrong. There are a lot of assets available to provide training and information specific to helping keep online businesses protected.

Accounting For Mobile Devices

The bring your own devices movement is in full swing, with 59% of all businesses allowing it. However, this creates a massive weak spot in terms of your security, so it’s important that you make sure you have a plan in place for the proper precautions. This includes wearables like fitness trackers and smart watches. One good way to start is to make sure that you require automatic security updates, and have the company password policy apply to mobile devices that access your network.


As a closing note, because many small business have employees juggling duties, it’s essential that anyone using the network have proper training with regard to best practices and security policies. This includes updates on new protocols as they appear.

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