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If the world wide web is like Jurrasic Park, then the hackers are a lot like raptors, patiently and methodically testing the fences, looking for weaknesses before they strike. Your business is like a merch stand or restaurant in the dino-park. Your customers are like the kids and the parents, just hoping for a fun day of dinosaurs, gift-shops, and corn-dogs without being eaten by raptors. We are like Sam Jackson (if you’re old school,) or Jake Johnson (if you’re new school) trying to stay two steps ahead of any glitches and keep the raptors contained.

Profiling a hacker

Reasons why hackers hackHackers today are a far cry from the 300 lb guy living in his mother’s basement. They are highly organized, very well funded, and have a wide range of reasons for hacking your system. It’s hard to profile a hacker because their motives can be so different. However, it’s important to try to understand who these hackers, or hacker groups, are so that you can protect your business appropriately.

What motivates a hacker?

Hackers hack for a variety of reasons:

  • Because They Can – These hacks are done merely for the challenge and bragging rights, but they are still majorly disruptive. It’s the hackers version of TPing someone’s house.
  • Money – Most things in life are done for love of money. Some hackers hack for the love of money. More precisely, love of your money. We are all susceptible to this, even if you don’t think your bank account is glamorous enough to entice a hacker, a new trend in ransomware is stealing a little bit from everyone. Many tiny ransoms will add up to millions.
  • Proprietary Information – Another way for hackers to make a profit from their hacks is to hack your intellectual property and proprietary information. Gaining access to your banking and customer credit cards is a common motivator for hackers. They are not only getting money, but they can cause serious disruption and destruction, not just for the company that was hacked, but for anyone that has done business with this company.
  • Political – Hacktivists are politically motivated and are mostly aiming at disrupting and using cyber warfare to gain information on the opposition and fight for their causes.

Be proactive

Cybersecurity for Denver businesses

We have a plan to protect your business against hackers.

Most hackers will make themselves known, but if they are looking for proprietary information, the goal of the hacker is to infiltrate your system and then just lurk about without you noticing. However, you should never wait for a hack to take action, you need to be proactive and take immediate steps to protect your business from hackers that may be attracted to your business.

Cybersecurity for Denver businesses

Talk to OnePointSync about cybersecurity for your business. Hold onto your butts as we get you set up with the best cybersecurity for the type of business that you run, and the types of hacks that you need to be especially cautious of. We will get you set up, and help manage your system to prevent any security breaches, keep your system running optimally, and keep the raptors out. We will also work out a data recovery plan, in case of a catastrophe. Also, if you’ve seen Jurassic Park through Jurassic World 2, then you know that catastrophe is lurking behind every product placement and high-voltage fence.


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