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A firewall is a program that filters everything that comes through your internet connection. Firewalls flag suspicious content and block it from getting into your computer system or private network. You can install firewalls in the form of either firewall software or hardware, though many companies use both to provide the best possible protection.

Why Your Colorado Business Should use Firewall Protection

Companies depend on firewalls to aid their network in several ways. By limiting which users and content are allowed through your network, firewalls increase network security overall. Additionally, some firewalls include virtual private network (VPN) servers, which can keep you protected while you’re working in open WiFi networks. Not only do firewalls prevent malicious data from entering your network, but they also keep you from traveling to malicious websites as well.

OnePointSync Firewall Management

IT solutions for small businesses in Colorado

Talk to an IT expert to get the right firewall, email, and back-up solutions to protect your business and your clients.

Allow us to introduce you to the current firewall hardware we offer. OnePointSync has two hardware products — the first, is Kerio Control. Kerio is an easy-to-administer firewall, excellent for your small or mid-sized business. Kerio can filter across 141 categories, and administrators can block access to the sites of their choice. Administrators can also use Kerio to monitor user Internet activity and receive detailed insights via email.

For a simpler solution, there’s the Sophos Firewall. Like Kerio, Sophos is both a firewall and VPN. Kerio provides protection against malicious emails and extra security for emails you deem confidential. Administrators can also limit the use of unwanted, “timewasting” applications. Sophos’ remote ethernet device (RED) can also provide access to remote worksites, so every square inch of your company has protection.

Don’t struggle alone, protect your data. Keep your Colorado company network safe by installing a firewall provided by OnePointSync. Call us today or get a quote to get started.


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