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Once the wonders of email replaced the previously ubiquitous fax machine about 20 years ago, both personal and professional communication had evolved for good. With all its instantaneous features and immediacy, email still holds its own challenges for businesses, which must choose between onsite or third party hosted email services to ensure smooth operation and communication. 

Choose What Fits Your Individual Endeavors

Every business require professional IT services.

Smaller businesses with, naturally, less employee and communicative volume can choose to use their own hosted or onsite email service that can handle their smaller workload. A business with an onsite server has complete control over their system, including the amount of malware filtering and the speed and availability of archives. If a business is in an industry with strict regulations on data compliance and the hosting service fails to meet a given requirement, the business itself can still be held accountable. The issue with hosted or onsite email service is that, since the server is located solely in house, if the internet connection fails, so do email capabilities. 

With the ever-evolving technologies of today, many businesses seek out the benefits of offsite servers to allow for faster, more reliable, and remotely flexible options. Emails are backed up remotely and can be accessed from all manner of locations. 

Hosted Service Offers Savings and Security

The fact is that hosted or onsite email service is almost always cheaper than an onsite server. Businesses who choose to manage their own onsite servers have to buy their own hardware and software licenses, and also have to consistently invest in reliable IT employees to maintain the server. Another huge benefit is the fact that computer crashes and internet failures have no negative effect, as all data and communications are saved remotely.

OnePointSync began as a small startup pursuing better quality email service for themselves and their customer base, and they were able to arrive at an efficient way to provide hosted email service, and have been able to provide knowledgeable and helpful support to countless businesses ever since.

Reach out to OnePointSync today to choose which of our email and service products will effectively support your business.

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