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When your IT system goes down, it can cause several problems. Your employees are temporarily unable to work, and you are at risk of losing important parts of your system. This can lead to massive losses.

Even if you’re a smaller business, a technology outage can be disastrous. However, you can use planned IT downtime to reduce the risk of errors occurring in your IT infrastructure.

Keep Backups

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Be prepared for IT downtime in your business by performing pre-emptive maintenance. Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Regularly testing your server backups or performing reboots can reduce damage and quickly get you back up and running. By having both physical and digital backups of important information and data, you can easily restore or reload it onto your new system if necessary.

Website maintenance or upgrades are required periodically in a business. This requires a short period of downtime that might affect a large number of employees.

To maintain maximum security, planned IT downtime may involve machine, hardware, or computer maintenance. This also ensures everything is running as efficiently as possible within the business.

How to Plan and Prepare for Planned IT Downtime

To be prepared for IT downtime in your business, you can perform pre-emptive maintenance and care. It may be best to perform any ongoing updates at quieter times when fewer users are online. Maintenance can include physical repairs and replacement and digital upgrades.

A dedicated team that consistently manages the company’s IT infrastructure will quickly identify any potential problems or threats within the system and fix them before they become a larger problem.

If you want to learn more about planned IT downtime, or if you need help with data backup and recovery solutions, get in touch with OnePointSync today to get a quote.

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