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Hiring new employees is only half the battle when trying to build a remote team. The other half involves creating an environment for success that encourages your new employee to stay with the company. When we were working more in the office, onboarding remote clients was easier. You would greet them with a welcome package and take them through the various departments to meet other team members.

Overcoming the challenges of onboarding new employees

Onboarding remote clients and new employees into a remote office environment can be tricky. The first step is to ensure that the new employee has access to all of the necessary systems, including administrative and any paperwork associated with their hiring and salary. Check-in with your finance and human resource teams to ensure your new remote employee’s transition into the company is a smooth one. 

When meeting other remote team members, digital communication tools play a vital role in bridging the gap between different departments and inter-departmental teams. The main goal when onboarding remote clients are to make a lasting first impression. Otherwise, you risk new remote employees feeling alone and disoriented trying to find their way within a remote working environment.

Staying focused when working from home

IT solutions can help remote employees feel more connected to your business.

Helpful tips to successfully onboard new clients

Just because most, if not all your teams are still working remotely doesn’t mean you have to feel like your miles apart. Setting up efficient software for the entire team will allow for easier communication. Also, it allows your new employee to go back in time to read past communication. This is a great way and effective way to get them up to speed on important company information without overloading their emails. 

Finally, set up a virtual introduction wit0h the entire team! If you have employees working across multiple time zones, this may require a little extra planning. However, the outcome is worth it. When your team is spread out across the country, video conferencing is the best way to welcome new employees and keeps your company connected. 

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