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The most common network security mistakes are simple and easy to fix. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we’re still seeing companies make the same mistakes over and over again.

Humans are the biggest threats to network security

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Human behavior is the biggest threat to your network security.

The biggest threats to your network security have nothing to do with technology; human arrogance, impatience, and laziness are the main reasons for a weak network. Let’s look at how our own emotions are getting the better of us, and causing major network security risks.


The most glaring mistake that companies make is to downplay the risk of cybercrime. Although we’ve seen a huge surge in malware, security breaches, ransomware, and other cybercrime, many companies, particularly smaller companies, are still not taking cybersecurity as seriously as they should. No industry, no company, and no person is exempt from cybercrime. You may think your small modest home is safe because you are surrounded by mansions, but if you leave a window open, the criminals will go where there is access. Your small or midsize business is no different.


Many companies overlook important security measures because they are in a rush to get the network up and running and their business active. Every business needs to be connected to the world wide web, and your various employees and departments need to be connected to each other. The quicker you get everyone on the same network, the quicker you can start doing business and start making money. Therefore, set up a secure network from the beginning and don’t allow hastiness and impatience to keep you from it.

Securing your network

Ignoring “updates available” notifications is one of the most common mistakes.


We all see the little “update available” notification, and we all proceed to ignore it for way too long. However, hackers are counting on our laziness or tendencies to procrastinate to gain access to your network. When an update is made available, it is typically because they have fixed or upgraded some important security measures. Without the latest version of the software or application that you’re using, you could become a target for hackers.


Similarly, we are equally as bad at backing up our data on a regular basis. When you have a backup of your data, should you become a victim of ransomware, you may be able to go around the hackers to retrieve your data from the back-up without paying the ransom. Without a backup, you are at the mercy of the hackers.

At OnePointSync, we provide IT solutions that will protect your business from becoming a victim of ransomware. Talk to a ransomware expert about securing your network.

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