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In today’s ever-changing economic world, it can be hard to predict when the next disaster might surface. The best defense against any possible problems is by creating a reliable data disaster recovery plan. Businesses today need to plan for the worst but expect the best. Small and medium-sized businesses stand to lose more than revenue. IT disasters could cause you to go out of business.

Types of IT disasters that can disrupt your business:

Regardless of your industry, disasters always seem to strike at the most inopportune time, leaving you and your employees scrambling to save your companies networks. With OnePointSync’s proven data security solutions, they’ve taken steps to design a disaster recovery plan that outlines the best steps your business should take to protect data security. The most common types of IT disasters include program failures, update failures, server crashes, ransomware, and failed hardware/hard drives.

How to recover after a disaster

Disaster recovery plan

Secure your virtual office with firewalls, anti-virus software, and a disaster recovery plan.

Disasters can come in two types, natural and human. Even though your data disaster recovery plan can’t predict when chaos will strike, don’t wait until your production servers fail. All businesses are at risk for system failures due to power outages, failed system updates, and, less commonly, viruses. An established DR plan will help your business track and identify any weakness before becoming a bigger problem. 

Keep your customer’s data secure with One Point Sync’s Acronis Extreme Disaster Recovery Plan. Our workflow is the virtual solution your business needs to get you back up and running fast. Requiring a minimum of two servers, our data disaster recovery plan works with your servers and ours to create night images (or hourly based on your company needs) and send them back to OnePointSync’s DR server. Every time an image is updated, it is converted to a virtual machine.

Contact our team of experts to learn more about how our data disaster recovery plan is the solution to your data security problems. 


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