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The right technology can help you streamline your businesses, as well as protect sensitive company information. Technology can also help you protect sensitive customer information. If you are in an industry that requires you to have personal client information stored on your system, talk to the IT experts at OnePointSync about the right IT solutions to keep all customer information private and secure.

IT experts for small businesses in Colorado

Give your customers peace of mind by having the best technology to secure and protect sensitive data and personal information.

Types of sensitive information

Depending on your industry and the clients you serve, there are different types of sensitive information that you need to protect:

  • Personal client information – If your business requires your clients to give you personal information, like Social Security numbers, copies of passports and driver’s licenses, medical records, financial statements, or any other information that can be used to steal a person’s identity, it should be stored securely behind encryptions and firewalls.
  • Business information – If you are dealing with businesses, you need to assure your clients that you can secure their private and sensitive information, like trade secrets, strategies, investor information, financial data, and customer data.
  • Classified information – If you have government contracts, you’ll need to be able to secure and protect classified data, restricted data, and top secret data.

Ways to secure client and company information

IT solutions for small businesses in Colorado

Talk to an IT expert to get the right firewall, email, and backup solutions to protect your business and your clients.

At OnePointSync, we have the IT solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses secure and protect client information, assuring complete confidentiality. We offer multiple IT solutions to secure sensitive information:

  • Firewalls to protect your network from intruders.
  • Backup services so that you never lose sensitive information due to equipment failure, theft, or natural disasters.
  • Email services, both hosted and on-site, that are reliable, fast, and secure

IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses to protect data

Contact us today about your needs and we will put together an email quote for you.

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