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As we head into the new year, 2019 was marked by several high-profile data breaches that create massive liabilities for the involved companies. The last thing you want to see is that translate to your small business in Colorado. Here are some key security lessons you can learn from the struggles of other companies.

IOT Is Outpacing Security

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IoT is opening up new security weak spots.

Naturally, more and more businesses of all sizes are adopting the Internet of Things (IOT) trend. This makes data more accessible across the board while saving on infrastructure costs that could hamstring small businesses. However, these same items also could pose a major risk. Any device that utilizes IoT could be used by malicious actors to gain access to data in any sector. While the technology is useful for a lot of companies, the security trends haven’t grown to match. For smaller companies with a limited budget, the triage method may work best. Find what systems pose the greatest risk for exposure and focus there, like servers with sensitive data.

Human Error Matters

The concept of a crime of opportunity applies to cybersecurity just as it does for conventional crime. Security exposure via human error is becoming more common, and there are several reasons why this is happening. For one, as the industry grows into a global business, there are more remote workers and external vendors. These open the company up to new types of breaches. Along with this, similar to IoT, new tech is being introduced faster than people can learn to properly use it. As a result, it becomes harder to adhere to security protocols. Your annual security training may be an outdated concept now.

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