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Anytime you spend money on your business; you need to make sure that it’s a necessary purchase. We all know the importance of being online and using the internet to communicate, both internally with employees and partners, and externally with clients. When it comes to your email, many may question the need to pay for an office email service when there are so many free services available. The answer, in short, is features and security.

Paying for email service

Office Email Service

Kerio Connect is perfect for a small business.

When you’re passing sensitive, proprietary, and financial information back and forth via email, you need to be confident that the data is secure. It’s not just what’s being passed back and forth via email. A cloud-based service used for efficiency and real-time communication and document sharing is going to be linked back to your email. Everything that you use to run your office will lead back to your email, so you have to get a service that you trust.

Custom domain

Paying for an email service will also give you a custom email domain. Your Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail accounts are not going to look professional. It may be acceptable for a certain generation to talk to clients via messenger or Snapchat. But you can’t handle professional communication like a short-form TikTok video; no one will take you seriously. Clients, partners, investors, and vendors will be much more impressed with a custom email account. If you want to be taken seriously, get a professional email service that will give you and all your employees a custom domain.


When you have a secure and professional email service, you can have all of your employees on the same service. Encryptions, anti-spoofing, and various protections can be placed on your service. No matter where you or your employees may access the email account, you’ll know that you are protected. That is particularly important in a world where more and more employees work remotely. You can’t always control the wifi connection that is being used. But you can make sure that your email service has high-levels of security to keep your data safe.


Microsoft Exchange for business email

Microsoft Exchange, in our opinion, is one of the most potent email servers a business can have.

Most email services are scalable, so that you aren’t paying for more than you need. You can start small and then scale up as your business grows, and you need to expand your email service. Today’s email services are much more than just email. There are plenty of features that make your email service a full-service office.

Easy communication

Find an office email service that includes sharing. Share your files, calendar, contacts, etc. with anyone or everyone. Customize each feature to your needs. Email services, like Kerio Connect, will also give you the option to audio and video chat, and you can set up group chats and calls.

The cost of an email service will pay for itself when you realize how many features are included. You can almost run your entire office from your office email service.

Talk to our IT experts about the email service that’s right for your Denver business.

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