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The limitations of your cloud storage service

Can cloud services be hit by ransomware

Your cloud storage may be vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Every business, no matter the size, is probably using some type of cloud storage. Having your data stored on the cloud has proven to be efficient in saving time and keeping down costs. Smaller businesses have found this to be particularly useful. When you can’t afford an IT department and you don’t have a server room to store your data, the cloud has given small businesses and start-ups a way to compete with the big boys. The cloud is flexible, reliable, easy to use, and allows you to connect to your data from anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. However, there’s one very important thing you need to understand about your cloud service. Your cloud storage service is not immune to ransomware attacks.

The cloud and ransomware

Using a cloud storage service does not mean that your data is protected from a ransomware attack. Because you will often connect automatically to your cloud, everything you touch will jump onto the cloud. If you accidentally open a corrupt file, ransomware will spread to your entire network, including your cloud storage.

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

Some businesses may be using a cloud storage system that doesn’t automatically have a backup service. Also, because there is a misconception that the cloud will be unaffected by ransomware, many believe all cloud storage services to be a type of backup service for their data. However, cloud storage can be kidnapped by ransomware; cloud backup will backup your data offsite for safe keeping.

Cloud services and ransomware

Backing up your cloud storage is the best defense against ransomware attacks.

Cloud backup will protect you from ransomware

If you are using a cloud storage service, make sure that you also have a cloud backup service. Backing up your files and your data will save you in the event of system malfunction, natural disasters, fire, theft, and ransomware attacks. With a cloud backup service, if you are the next victim of ransomware, your cloud backup will preserve a perfect copy of your cloud storage, saving all of your files, and allowing you to ignore the ransom demands from the cyber criminals.

Cloud storage and backup service in Denver

Ransomware is becoming more and more common. Having a secure backup service for your data is your best defense against ransomware. Cloud storage will improve efficiency, while cloud backup will ensure data security. Talk to an IT expert about getting both cloud storage and cloud backup for your business. 

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