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What we’re about to talk about may seem like a treatment for a new summer action blockbuster starring Kiefer Sutherland or one of the Hemsworth brothers, but this is no movie; it’s real life, and it’s affecting more and more people every day. The latest threat to Internet security is something called ransomware, the newest way for black hats and crooks to break into your system and hold your files for ransom. Fortunately, there’s a way to protect yourself against this latest threat.

Ransomware protection software in Colorado

Ransomware is on the rise. Protect your Colorado business with Sophos Intercept X featuring CryptoGuard.

What is ransomware

Ransomware is exactly what it sounds like; it is people who will find a way into your system – either through insecure cloud systems, networks without firewalls, or through email phishing expeditions – and then hold your files, and other information, hostage until you pay a ransom. Ransomware is the latest malware to threaten online security, and as IT experts, we are working non-stop to come up with ways to prevent and protect our clients from hacking and cyber security threats like Cryptowall, TeslaCrypt, and Locky, the most common ransomware threats.

Protection against ransomware

The rise in ransomware attacks to small businesses is on the rise and causes massive disruption to business productivity. At OnePointSync, we are partnered with Sophos, a company that has developed software to protect you against ransomware.

Ransomware protection for small businesses

Talk to an IT expert in Colorado about protecting your small business from ransomware.

Sophos Intercept X is a software program that features CryptoGuard, which will prevent ransomware from encrypting your files and holding them hostage. Even if the ransomware can penetrate your system, CryptoGuard will intercept (hey, that’s how they came up with the name Intercept X!) the ransomware, reverting your files back to their original state, and handing them safely back to the owner.

Cyber security protection for your small business

OnePointSync provides IT solutions and services to small business in Colorado, including setting up firewalls and installing software to protect your business from cyber attacks and ransomware. For more information, talk to an IT expert about your business.

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