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One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make is ignoring the “restart to update” notification. We get it, it seems your computer constantly wants to update. But, ignoring these update notifications could leave your business vulnerable to zero-day exploits.

Zero-day exploits

Avoid zero-day exploits

Protect yourself from zero-day exploits with regular computer updates.

Updates, albeit annoying, are essential to cybersecurity. Each update comes with fixes to unintentional glitches and flaws in your software or operating system. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for glitches, and once they find one, they will act quickly to exploit that glitch. Software developers are also scanning their software for vulnerabilities and flaws. Hopefully, the developer discovers the flaw before the hackers and can write a fix. But, sometimes, hackers will spot the glitch before the developer. In no time, they infect the software and make you vulnerable to malware and ransomware. They work so fast that developers have zero-days to block the attack, hence the name zero-day exploits.

Discovering zero-day exploits

Unfortunately, discovering a zero-day exploit means that the damage is done. You may not find out until clients have been hacked, data lost, identities stolen, and data held for ransom. Ransomware and malware can destroy your business and make your clients run for the hills. You must protect your business and your data and secure your clients’ trust with the right data security measures.

Preventing zero-day exploits

Why you need to update computer

Updates mean that bugs and flaws have been fixed, increasing your security, and blocking zero-day exploits.

There are various security measures to protect your data and make it hard for hackers to exploit your system. But, the best way is to protect yourself is updating your computer regularly. If you continue to use old software or an old version of your operating system, you could be vulnerable. Software and computer updates keep your operating system up to date and patched for flaws. Each update comes with a fix to any bugs and flaws in old versions, increasing your security. Waiting too long to update is just tempting fate.


One Point Sync offers managed IT services to small and midsize businesses in Denver. We make sure your computer and software are always up to date. And, we have proactive ransomware security tools to protect you from ransomware attacks, as well as, tools for recovering your data in the event of an attack.

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