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Using social media to market your business and grow your brand is unavoidable. However, instead of throwing out a wide net and hoping to catch a bunch of customers with their social media campaigns, businesses need to focus their marketing strategy on reaching a small group of influencers who will help spread the word.

What are influencers?

How to build your brand using influencers

Reaching one influencer can start a  word-of-mouth domino effect,

helping spread the word quickly and get more clients.

Influencers are people on the social media platforms who have established themselves as an authority on how to buy and what to buy. These are trendsetters and trusted sources who can help you sell your brand and your product. Getting the attention of these influencers and convincing them to recommend your business is crucial to succeeding in today’s market.

Influencers should be earned, not bought

Getting an influencer to recommend your product is like getting a celebrity endorsement. However, you want to organically get the attention of an influencer, because if you are paying them to represent your product, then you lose credibility. The reason your clientele is listening to influencers is that they are unattached and independent and therefore not in the pocket of the businesses they promote. Recommendations by influencers should be earned, not bought.

Influencers vs. commercial marketing

If you run a commercial during popular TV viewing times, you can reach millions, but it will be impersonal, and only a few of those millions may show interest. However, if you get the attention of just one or two influencers, they will spread the word exponentially through their online network, and with their endorsement comes established trust and respect of their followers. What do you think is more valuable, having your commercial shown with many other brands during Must See TV, or having one Kardashian tout your product to their millions of fans? Yup, you guessed it; just one tweet from a Kardashian and all of a sudden your brand has been given a personal endorsement from an influencer that will ripple through the social media networks and create a buzz that money just can’t buy.

How to grow you Denver business

Social media influencers are the new “celebrity spokespeople.”

Finding the right influencers

Of course, the Kardashians aren’t going to be the right influencers for all products, even if they do have an impressive number of followers. Influencers can come from anywhere, so it’s important that you know who you are trying to reach, and then doing your research to find the right bloggers, celebrities, journalists, peer groups, experts, or opinion writers to help promote your brand or your product.

IT solutions for your Denver business

Before you go searching for influencers, you need the right technology and IT infrastructure to be able to market and promote your business. Talk to one of our experts about hardware, software, Web design, VoIP, IT security, and Social Presence today!

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