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Setting goals and implementing strategy

Losing a soccer game is tough, but losing a soccer game because you accidentally scored on your own team’s goal is crushing – not just for morale, but for the business as well. Setting goals for your business is a lot like a soccer game. You need to set the right goals that will drive the ball forward towards the right goal, avoiding self-defeat and humiliation. So, keeping with the sports metaphors, let’s see how you can get yourself and your team into formation to set the right strategy to make a plan, reach your goal, and score one for the business.

IT to achieve your business goals

Achieve your business goal with SMART planning and a well-thought-out plan of attack.

You’ll never score without a plan of attack

When you sit down with your team and brainstorm a million brilliant ideas for growing your business, the first thing you need to do is prioritize each goal. Next, you need to sit down and figure out how you can achieve that goal. How are you going to get from idea to implementation to achievement?

Not only do you need to strategize what your own moves are going to be to reach the goal, but you also need to take into account outside factors that could prevent you from getting there. Scoring in soccer would be so much easier without a defensive line trying to block your path. A smart business person will be able to foresee the obstacles that could prevent you from reaching your goal, like time, resources, and money.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the opposition

Of course, you can’t spend too much time thinking about what is going to get in your way. If you spend too much time thinking about all the things that could go wrong, you’ll end up talking yourself out of a good idea, sometimes walking yourself so far backward you end up scoring for the opposition. Anytime you fail on a goal, and anytime your business has a setback, you are scoring one for the competition.

Be smart when setting goals for your business

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IT can help you make a plan for achieving your goals and beat the competition.

Make each goal simple, manageable, attainable, realistic, and tangible (SMART). Having grand ideas is great, but they have to be goals that you can realistically achieve that will yield actual results and help grow your business. You have to be specific about each goal. A goal that is too vague is hard to accomplish because the success of that goal will also be vague. “We need to make more money or get more clients” is too vague because if you make one dollar more, you’ve technically achieved that goal; it’s just not going to make your business a great success.

You also want to keep it simple so that the path to success is easier to see and follow. We all love that moment in a game when one player gets the ball and runs from one end of the field to the other and scores, but you can’t expect every success to be the crowd roaring, instant replay, go down in history type of gameplay.

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OnePointSync can help you set up the right IT for your business to keep you smart, organized, timely, and on track with all of your goals and game strategies so that you never end up on the wrong end of the field or trampled by the competition.

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