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Don’t you just hate being stuck in the office, watching everyone else run around outside soaking up the summer sun? Cafes and restaurants are opening up their outdoor seating. People are enjoying a glass of wine with their lunch, and there you are, stuck at your desk because you don’t have a remote-access VPN. Here’s a tip for you: expand your boundaries so that you are no longer bound to the confines of your office.

Remote access VPN for Denver businesses

Get a remote access VPN for the office for every device.

VPN software for your computer network

A VPN service will allow you to work from anywhere while still being access all of your data. A remote-access VPN gives you a secure connection so you aren’t risking your company or your client data because you grabbed your laptop and headed outside of the office.

Dedicated VPN server

The first thing you’ll need is a dedicated VPN server, or special software on a shared server, that allows you to establish a secure connection. This technology allows you to work with the same data security settings as you would if you were in the office and directly connected to your server. Your VPN service will prevent cybercriminals from accessing your network.

Client software

Secure your network with VPN

Online security is the biggest threat to any business. Secure your network with a VPN.

You will also need to install client software on every work computer so that you can all work remotely without compromising security. The software is equipped with encryption codes that will keep your access secure, even if you’re sitting in the middle of a crowded place using public WiFi.

Remote Access VPN for your business

Our IT experts can help you find the right VPN for your Denver business. We’ll help you figure out if you are going to be hosting your own VPN or if you are going to have it managed by a third-party. Typically, for smaller businesses, you won’t have the IT department to maintain their VPN and choose to outsource. Depending on the size of your business and how you intend to use the VPN, we’ll have a few options for you. A VPN will give you more mobility while still keeping your access secure.

Talk to an IT expert about a remote access VPN for your business.

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