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What is the Zero-Trust Security Principle?

By initiating the zero-trust principle, your employees must pass an authentication process to access private business data. This could be a simple password or be a more thorough process. This authentication may include:

  • multifactor authentication
  • identity and access management (IAM)

If your staff is working remotely on their personal devices, it may be worth considering implementing this type of cybersecurity strategy.

How Cybersecurity Risks Increase as More Companies Allow Remote Work

With your team working remotely, they are using their home internet networks and personal devices. It’s hard to know whether these are secure enough to protect your business data that is now being accessed and kept on these devices. Also, anyone in their household or remote setting could access this data.

Endpoint Security vs. Zero-Trust Principle

Make sure you have the computer support to ensure you business is safe for re-opening.

Keep your business data safe by protecting your team’s shared network devices.

There are two different cybersecurity approaches that accomplish different types of protection.

Endpoint security: Securing end devices on a shared network or cloud backup system from malicious threats or data breaches

Zero-trust principle: Securing data by requiring authorization protocols

If you plan to use a cloud of data-sharing network systems, endpoint security may be best suited for your business. Beyond keeping your own data safe, you’re protecting your team’s devices from threats that could interfere with their remote working abilities. Remember that the devices they are using will not only have your business data but their own personal data that’s worth protecting.

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