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For some reason, the need to be polite or not to offend anyone, often causes people to continue to work with a company that they are less than satisfied with. Or, to not speak up when they can see that something isn’t living up to their standards.

The classic example is getting a terrible haircut and color and then feeling sorry for the stylist, telling them that “we love it!” and walking out of the shop feeling awful. We may think that we’re sparing their feelings, but really, by not speaking up when we are unsatisfied we are doing everyone a disservice. The stylists will believe they did great and won’t learn from their mistakes, and the customers will end up paying for an unsatisfactory experience..and weeks of bad hair days.

Signs you need to switch IT vendors

Don’t stick with an IT vendor if they aren’t living up to your standards.

With a bad haircut, you can simply stop going back to that stylist, but if you are working with a third party IT company and you aren’t satisfied, the stress of switching companies, having to cancel a contract and express your dissatisfaction causes many businesses to stick with a bad service.

Do yourself, and your business a favor, take a deep breath, gather some courage, and do what’s best for your business, which is to work with an IT vendor that you like, that provides quality customer service, and that has the experience to handle your company’s technological needs.

Switching IT Vendors

There can be many reasons to change IT providers. You may have signed a contract with one company, but quickly realized that your personalities just don’t mesh. Or, you feel like they aren’t living up to their end of the agreement. Or they don’t seem to follow current IT trends.

However, once you’ve started working with someone, sometimes you give them way too many chances to improve their service, either because you’re too busy with other things to find another IT provider, or too afraid to cancel the contract and to admit that you aren’t satisfied.

Either way, companies end up wasting money on a company that isn’t living up to their standards.

You’re Afraid to Ask Questions

When companies are unsatisfied with their IT vendors, it usually comes down to communication and personality. Some IT geeks tend to speak over their clients, making them feel stupid or ignorant for asking questions, or not understanding the IT solutions they are suggesting.

Finding an IT company where the geeks can work with you to find the right solutions, who aren’t afraid to explain the differences between systems and software to benefit your business, and who are friendly and approachable will make a world of difference in how you view your IT vendor.

If you feel intimidated and are afraid to call them with problems, it could cause bigger IT problems down the road. If you are scared to ask questions of your IT vendor, it’s a good sign that you should consider switching companies.

Unsatisfied with Current Service

Switching IT vendors can also be a hassle because once a company has started taking control of your IT, it may seem too difficult to start fresh with another one. But, if you are unsatisfied with your current service, then you shouldn’t waste any more of your money on them.

However, we understand that you may be nervous about switching, worrying that there may be a lag in production time while changing from one IT company to another. But by working with the right company, they should be able to help you make a seamless transition from your old IT vendor to your new vendor. And, you’ll find that working with a company you enjoy working and feel comfortable with, and that provides all the right support to make you feel secure, then the switch is going to be well worth the time and energy.

Switching IT vendors

Our friendly and approachable IT geeks will help you make a seamless switch from your old IT vendor.

Denver IT Company for Small Businesses

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service. We want to work with our clients to provide the best IT solutions to make their business more efficient and productive.

We also understand that you aren’t an IT expert, and we have no problem explaining each IT solution or option to our clients so that they understand what they are getting and why it is better for their company. We want to have open lines of communication because that will help us serve you better in the long run.

If you want to work with skilled geeks with friendly and approachable attitudes, then talk to One Point Sync about our IT management services and solutions. We’ll make the switch as seamless as possible. 

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