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Remember the good old days when your word was bond and trust between businesses and clients were solidified with a handshake? Yeah, neither do we. With business being conducted online, business owners are asking clients to trust them with an incredible amount of personal data. You have to demonstrate that you are handling that data responsibly by having an SSL certificate for your company website.

SSL certificate

Make your business website secure with an SSL certificate.

Securing your customer’s trust

No website is too small to get hacked. Because hacking one website opens up the door to get access to anyone who visits your website. When a website isn’t secure, anyone who clicks on a malicious link on your site will also be exposed to the malware or ransomware. Having an SSL certificate will make your website safe and secure. And, the SSL certificate also provides security for any exchange of information between you and your customers.

How SSL certificate works

An SSL certificate will scramble and encrypt all the information that is exchanged and transferred between the visitor and the server. The SSL certificate will render sensitive information, like passwords, pin codes, credit card numbers, SS numbers, etc. unreadable. So, if anyone is watching, or trying to peek behind the curtain, they won’t understand what they’re reading. The information is useless to third parties.

Improving your SEO with an SSL certificate

Improve SEO with SSL certificate

Google rewards business websites that improve online security with a better ranking.

Obviously, having a secure website is the main priority. But, another bonus of having an SSL certificate for your website is an improved search engine ranking. Your customers will reward you with their business, knowing you are taking every step to secure their information. And, Google will reward your efforts to make the internet more safe with a better ranking.

Renewing your SSL certificate

Your SSL certificate needs to be renewed regularly. Make sure you always stay on top of your SSL certificate and make sure it doesn’t expire. Should the SSL certificate expire, visitors to your site will be met with an ominous message saying that they are about to visit an unsecured website. This message could cause distrust between you and your customers, and that trust is hard to gain back.

One Point Sync offers managed IT services to small and midsize businesses in Denver, Colorado. We also provide tools to improve online security. We will make sure that your SSL certificates are always running and up to date, and your business website is secure.

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