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Technology has helped us save time, increase productivity, and reduce stress when running a business. However, you can’t solely rely on technology to run your business; you still need your team to be sharp, creative, engaged, and happy to grow your business and increase profits. Our experts can hook your business up with the right technology, but it’s up to you to hook up your team with the right snacks to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stress relieving snacks for the office

Eating pistachios is good for your heart, and shelling pistachios is good for relieving stress.

Healthy stress relieving snacks for the office

All the technology in the world won’t make up for grumpy, tired, and stressed employees. Technology can help you be more efficient, prioritize, and meet deadlines, but once that reminder pops up on your screen, you need to turn to your team to make sure the work gets done. When deadlines come around, the stress level in the office is bound to spike. The more stress, the more likely we are to make poor choices for food and sustenance. It’s a vicious cycle and one that can lead to subpar performances, mistakes, and unhappy clients.

Healthy stress eating

Stress makes us reach for fast foods and processed foods. Foods that are high in calories and fat, foods that will tear us down, not build us up. The best thing you can do for your employees, besides positive reinforcement, is to pack your kitchen full of stress-reducing foods.

Probiotics and fermented foods

Foods that are good for the gut are good for the brain and emotional health. Stocking your office kitchen with probiotics and fermented foods is a healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety in a busy office. Instead of single servings of yogurts that are packed with sugar and preservatives, look for yogurt and kefir with live cultures that support a healthy gut and digestive system.

Nuts and berries

A handful of nuts and berries, whether added to your probiotic yogurt or tossed on a salad, is good for the heart and your mind. The antioxidants in dark berries are crucial to brain function and your mood, so be sure to have fresh berries available to your employees.

Snacks that relieve stress and anxiety at the office

Dark chocolate is a probiotic and can help reduce stress in the office.

Another added benefit of pistachio nuts, besides being good for your heart, is that the repetitive action of shelling pistachios is a stress-relieving activity. Just be careful not to get too much pistachio debris inside your keyboard, and wipe off your oily fingers before you start typing again.

Dark chocolate

If your employees are in need of a little snack later in the day, you’ll be happy to know that dark chocolate is a probiotic and will improve your gut and digestion, increase energy, and reduce stress and anxiety. Dark chocolate is the sweetest and most delicious anti-anxiety drug of all, and you don’t need a prescription!

IT management for Colorado businesses

We can help you take some of the pressure off of running a business by partnering with you to provide full-service IT management and solutions. Compliment your technology with easy access to healthy snacks and you’ve got a recipe for success.

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