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Business owners like to make New Year’s resolutions based on improving their business. For 2018, make this the year that you follow through on the most popular small business new year’s resolution: spending less time in the office.

Work-life balance

How to spend less time in the office

The number one new year’s resolution for entrepreneurs is to spend less time in the office.

Finding that perfect work/life balance is the holy grail of entrepreneurship. Owning a small business is a constant struggle between spending 100% of your time improving the business, and taking some time to yourself. Every entrepreneur knows that starting a business takes a lot of time, energy, and money. But, part of the dream of starting a small business is being able to be more independent and have time to enjoy life. So, how do you make sure that you give both business and personal life the attention they deserve?

How to spend less time in the office

Time is money, and money is tight is the mantra of many small business owners. But, regardless of the success of your business, you never want to waste money or time. And, nothing helps you save time and money like the right technology. Information and communication technology is the key to spending less time in the office without sacrificing your business. By improving efficiency and productivity, you’ll start to find the time to leave work and enjoy life.

The right IT for your business

Of course, there’s so much IT out there that many businesses end up wasting time and money on the wrong technology. The smartest thing you can do it to ask IT experts about the type of technology that will benefit your business. And, we’ll make sure everything is set up, installed, and you and your team trained to use the technology. Hiring a third party IT company may cost you a little more up front, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

Working remotely

New Year's resolutions for entrepreneurs

IT can help you improve work-life balance in 2018.

The right tech will also allow you and your employees to work remotely without missing a beat. Working remotely not only allows you to stay out of the office, but it gives you more flexibility to balance work and life. Everyone thinks that work/life balance means that work and life are separate. But, the business world is changing, and work and life are becoming increasingly interchangeable. Work/life balance doesn’t mean you work hard and then play hard. The new work/life balance means that you work and play hard simultaneously.

IT solutions for small businesses

Talk to the geeks and One Point Sync about setting you up with small business solutions to improve work/life balance and help you spend more time outside of the office.

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