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Ransomware, hacks, and glitches are all over the news. No one is safe, not private citizens, small businesses, or major corporations. By now, you’ve probably taken steps to secure your network in an attempt to keep out hackers, but here are immediate steps of action you need to take if you are attacked by ransomware.


What to do after ransomware attack

Take a screenshot of the ransomware note and alert local authorities and the FBI.

When you are hit by ransomware you’ll know it immediately, most likely because you are locked out of your entire system. When you go to open your computer, you’ll find that you are unable to access your files, operating system, and other data and there is probably some instructions on how to pay a ransom to regain access. The next steps you take are crucial. First, do not pay the ransom! Second, take a screenshot or photo of the ransomware note or instructions for when you notify the police or FBI.

Is the ransomware real?

As if the ransomware threat wasn’t enough, some are taking advantage of the ransomware trends and creating fake ransomware attacks. They tell you that your system is compromised and you need to pay up to get back to your files. However, it’s just a fake ransomware attack trying to get you to pay before you realize that your files are totally fine. To make sure that the ransomware attack is real, try to open your task manager, closing down the application. If this doesn’t work, assume the ransomware is real.

If the ransomware is a screen-locking ransomware, you won’t be able to use any shortcuts to open your task manager or close down any open and compromised applications.

Disconnect external devices

The next step is to try to cut off the ransomware attack and prevent it from spreading to the rest of your network. Disconnect all printers, hard drives, and other external devices. If possible, disconnect from the internet, altogether.

Call OnePointSync tech support

Steps to dealing with ransomware attack

Initiate backup and data recovery initiatives to outsmart the ransomware and avoid paying a ransom.

Once you’ve identified the ransomware and disconnected your device from the rest of your network, it’s time to call the OnePointSync tech support to use your ransomware protection software and data-recovery solutions to remove the ransomware, regaining access to your files and computer. Our techs will help you reboot, remove, and restore your files without having to pay the ransom.

The best defense against ransomware is a good offense. OnePointSync offers comprehensive ransomware protection, including back-up and data recovery solutions for small businesses in Denver.

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