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When it comes to telecommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are the way of the future. As 5G wireless technology continues to spread across the globe and connection speeds become faster than ever before, the switch over to a VoIP system is a no-brainer. If your business is still operating on a traditional phone line, here are four great reasons to consider making the switch.


Switching to a VoIP system has a number of benefits.

Lower Costs Per Call

One of the best features of using a VoIP system is that it will save you a bundle on the cost of calls. Most VoIP providers even offer domestic calls, and some domestic long distance calls, for free. And if your business is still growing, many providers will offer a lower per-user rate as you add more users to the system.

Added Versatility

VoIP systems also provide much more versatility and functionality compared to traditional phone lines. For example, you can have voicemail-to-text transcriptions forwarded to your inbox or easily forward audio voicemail messages to other users. VoIP systems also make it much easier to multi-task, since most devices will allow you to leave your calls on in the background while you use other applications at the same time.

Increased Mobility

Unlike with a traditional phone system, where every line is assigned a dedicated phone number, with VoIP your services will follow you everywhere. You’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle of forwarding your calls or transferring your service; all of your clients and colleagues will be able to reach you instantly no matter where you are.

Better Conference Calling

One of the most frustrating aspects of having a traditional phone system in your office is how complicated it can be to set up a conference call. With a VoIP system, all of your calls will take place over a converged data network instead of through dedicated phone lines, eliminating much of the hassle. As a bonus, VoIP also allows for video conferencing as well.

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