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Technology has helped small businesses be more efficient and more productive, but if you aren’t organized, things are still going to slip through the cracks. Getting organized can help you save time, save money, and move even faster and more efficiently than ever before. If you’re falling behind, stalled, or feeling overwhelmed, it’s time for organizational software to get you and your business back in the fast lane.

Managed IT services in Colorado

Find out how much time you are spending on various tasks to help restructure your work and be more efficient.

Efficiency without organization is ineffective

Technology has made everything move faster. We’re constantly online, we’re always working, and we’re always on the go. Multi-tasking is a skill, and technology has made it easier for everyone, but the downside is that when you multi-task, nothing gets your full attention and things may fall through the cracks. Of course, you can also easily get stuck spending too much time on one thing or another, like checking your email or reading through client comments on social media.

Sometimes, we think we’re being efficient because we are moving fast and always working when in reality, we’re doing a little bit of everything and finishing nothing.

Time tracking software

Get organized and be more efficient

Do you know how much time you spend checking your email?

Part of being the boss is knowing where all your time is being spent, and if it’s being spent wisely. We know your phone has a stopwatch, but it’s much easier and more reliable to find software that will automatically track how much time you and your team spend on various tasks. We’ve all been tasked with timing how fast our kid or sibling can run around the house, only to accidentally turn the stopwatch off, pause it, or never start it in the first place. Then comes the inevitable lie about how fast you think they ran. Lying to your kid or your sibling about how fast they run isn’t going to have major consequences, but lying about how much time you spend on a task can cost you time and money. To sum it up, lying is bad and stopwatches are hard to operate.

Let technology be your stopwatch. Once you know, you can start to make the right changes in how you structure your workday and determine if there are tasks that require more or less of your time and attention – or save so much time you might actually be able to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Sync and share your calendar

Managed IT services in Denver

We know how to sync your software. It says so right there in our name!!

Today’s small businesses are moving more away from being stuck in the office to people working from wherever they feel comfortable. You may have an office and monthly meetings, but let’s face it, someone is always somewhere else and calling in via video or phone. Keeping a shared and automatically synced calendar for your team is the easiest way to stay organized and on top of where everyone is, what they are doing, deadlines, etc.

Talk to an IT experts about the right software for your small business

Once you find the right software for your business, find an IT expert that offers managed or unmanaged IT services. With our managed service, we’ll install software on your systems and we’ll continue to monitor your software remotely to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Contact us today about your needs and we will put together a quote for you for managed IT services.

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