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Web design and Web hosting for small businesses

Every business needs a great website, and a great website needs a great homepage. Customers want ease and accessibility when they are searching online, so make sure you aren’t scaring away visitors with too much pomp and circumstance and not enough content or clarity. An effective small business website starts with an effective homepage design.

Web design and hosting for small businesses in Colorado

Your homepage should be eye-catching, but the information you give should be simple and concise, introducing your company, brand, and services.

Introduce your company and your brand

The first purpose of your homepage is to introduce yourself to your clients. It should be simple and concise. Imagine that you are meeting someone for the first time. How do you usually present yourself? What are the first pieces of information that you give? Your name, for one. The next thing you talk about is what you do for a living. It may seem like these are just scratching the surface of who you are, but when you first meet someone, you don’t want to delve into your deepest darkest secrets and experiences. You want to present the best of yourself. Your homepage should do the same. It should highlight the best of your company and your brand, giving the viewer just a taste of what your company is all about.

A great logo to grab your customer’s attention

Introducing your company to the world is best done with a great logo. You can say many things with a logo depending on the colors, design, font, and other such elements that you choose. It’s important that you stand behind your logo because this is what will represent you for the rest of your career. A logo is also where you can get a little flashy and have some fun. You want to draw in your customer.

Designing an effective home page for your business

Your homepage should include your company name, a brief description of what you do, a list of services, contact information, information, and a clear path to more information.

Create a slogan or company tag line

Next, a quick slogan or tagline that briefly sums up who you are and what you can provide your clients is the next thing that should appear on your site. Did we mention it needs to be simple, clear, and concise? If you’ve hooked the customer, they’ll look for the About Us section of your website, which leads us to the next point.

Make information easy to find

Visitors and users don’t want to work too hard to find the information they are looking for, so make sure you have a clear layout that tells your clients where to find out more information about your company, your services, your contact information, and your blog.

Try to get all the relevant information about your company, your brand, and your services on your homepage without your visitors having to scroll or click or do anything but just soak in the awesomeness of your homepage design. It’s like seeing the newspaper at the newsstand; the most important headlines are above the fold. Your most important information should be “above the scroll” as well.

Web design and hosting for small businesses

Effective Web design by Impressions Agency

Web design and hosting

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