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No matter if you have business data you don’t want to lose or data with confidential information, you should always back it up. If anything goes wrong with your computer or another storage system, such as a theft or a breach, you want to ensure you have the ability to reset and access all data with ease.

When backing up your data, there are several things to remember to ensure your data is stored safely and accurately. Here are three of them.

Backing Up Your Data

1. Check that Backups are Completed Correctly

It is crucial that you check often to make sure your backups are working correctly. This is particularly important if you set automated backups as you may think your information is secure and accessible, only to find issues when you need the information most. After every backup, take a few minutes to do a quick check and to make sure the backup is correct.

2. Close Certain Applications

When backing up data, certain files and documents may not be captured due to applications being left open. You need to be aware of what applications must be closed when backing up your information to ensure all crucial data is captured. At an inopportune time, you don’t want to find that those files you need most weren’t captured due to this simple mistake.

3. Make Multiple Copies

While it is important to back up your data to a hard drive or another physical device, this shouldn’t be your only copy. These items are susceptible to physical damage such as being dropped or lost. They can also be stolen and all of your most important files and documents are in unwanted hands. To ensure your information is secure and easily accessible no matter where you may be, you should also back up your most important files to the cloud. For extra security measures, you may consider encrypting all of your backups and vital data.

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