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Storing information on the cloud is a convenient way to protect and organize your company data. While these cloud computing systems offer advanced security measures, it is important you take certain steps to protect the data as well. Let’s talk about three safety measures you can take to protect data on the cloud.

1. Use a Smart Password

If 1234 is your current password, you must make changes right away. A strong password makes it difficult for cybercriminals to access your files and documents. A few tips for creating this type of password include:

  • Don’t use sequential numbers or numbers that somehow relate to you such as your phone number, birth date, etc.
  • Be random. The more unique the password, the stronger it is.
  • Make your password long. The longer the password, the more difficult it is to guess.
  • Use numbers, symbols, and letters to create your password.

Additionally, always use a new password. Never use the same password more than once, even if it is on different accounts.

backup your data

Always backup your data.

2. Backup Your Data

While cloud computing is typically secure, it is always important to back up your information and maintain your own copy. If information is stolen or there is a data breach, you will have the information and know exactly what information was accessed.

3. Consider Encryption Services

If you have sensitive data that you need to store, consider encrypting the data. This is an effective way to store and protect all of your company’s data and keep it away from unwanted eyes. When you encrypt the data, only those who have access to the encryption key can read the information. Encrypting your data will certainly include additional steps but it will drastically increase your file’s security as well.

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