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Many companies end up with major data breaches through self-inflicted issues, and one of the most common is a failure to leave behind legacy systems. Many companies go this route to try and save money, but in reality, these create a massive weak point for your overall security. So, with this said, here are some key reasons why you should look into upgrading.

Issues With Legacy Systems

Securing the Internet of Things

Change the password to every connected device you own.

Small businesses struggle with legacy systems in particular due to having to navigate two very different sets of directions. As an example, if a given piece of software hasn’t been updated in some time, it’s far more likely to end up with issues in terms of exploits. However, small businesses can build their entire operations around these, leading to greater business problems. Even if you’re not targeted by cybercriminals, issues like not having TLS or SSL could lead to exposed data.

Making The Change

When determining how you’re going to upgrade, you want to consider factors like whether the codes your system uses or third party companies you buy systems from still exist. If the company is still present, you can reach out to them for guidance for an ideal upgrade. For custom outdated solutions, it becomes more complex. You may have one component that has proper support, while the other has yet to be patched for years. The approach of just letting things be doesn’t really apply in this case. However, there may be other businesses in your niche in a similar situation. See if there are any resources that cover what they use. If not, you may need to look to a general IT consultant to put together an upgrade roadmap.

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