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Today’s industry-leading businesses are spending millions of dollars on data sciences and machine learning algorithms. Why? Because the reams of customer data they have siloed away are full of golden insights into customer profiles that are most profitable. When leveraged properly, this information can drive targeted marketing and business development campaigns that drastically increase revenue.

As experts in using technology to grow businesses, OnePointSync has an extensive background in using analytics tools, customer relations management platforms, and other services that help identify profitable customers

IT Solutions for Hybrid Work Model

A business owner looks through their web analytics to identify how the most profitable customers interact with their platforms

Enhanced Data Analytics 

As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to improve, it seems like just a matter of time until we rely exclusively on this technology to grow businesses. With every click, follow, and transaction, customers are creating lakes of metadata that contain crucial insights into their behavior. From understanding the lifestyle, financial, and relational goals of customers to predicting their future choices, enhanced analytics are some of the most useful tools when it comes to identifying profitable customers

Customer Relationship Management

Other behavioral data stores aside, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are one of the most crucial pieces of technology to grow businesses. These systems track all of the interactions between prospects, customers, and business representatives. From tracking opened emails to prompting custom-tailored responses, CRMs are an invaluable resource for businesses in the digital era. 

CRM platforms also store critical customer and prospect data, allowing marketing and business development departments to analyze information to produce novel insights. 

In the market for a firm that can help with identifying profitable customers? OnePointSync is the most qualified  IT expert in Denver when it comes to using technology to grow businesses. Reach out to us today to receive a quote about our suite of services! 

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