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When you fantasize about being the boss and running your own business, you imagine reaping all the rewards of being a successful entrepreneur. Don’t lie; you imagine yourself on a yacht right now, right? With a glass of champagne? However, before you get to the yacht and the champagne, you have to work hard all the time. Taking a vacation and running a business very quickly becomes a distant dream. The reality is that every successful business owner is working twice as hard as anyone on the team. There are no long, boozy lunches; there are no long weekends and late mornings. Being the boss is hard work. That being said, with the right technology, like a VoIP service, you may be able to combine business and pleasure and take a vacation while still keeping a close eye on your business.

Small business VoIP services

VoIP makes it possible to take a vacation while still being in touch with the office.

Staying in touch with the office while on vacation

The internet has changed the way we work. With Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), you are never further than a WiFi connection away from the office. You can be traveling the world with your family, sitting poolside in a faraway resort, or exploring remote regions of the world and still be able to check in on your business. We live in a world where every wants to do everything at the same time. VoIP allows you to be on vacation without putting your business at risk by being out of touch.

The benefits of VoIP service

VoIP is no different than a phone call, except you don’t have to remember a country code or pay international charges, and you can use your phone, tablet, computer, or any other device that can carry your VoIP setup.

Group calls with VoIP

There are different VoIP services that all have different features. Your service can be set up to meet all of your requirements. You can forward calls, have voicemails sent straight to your email, text messaging, etc. One of the best features that VoIP service has to offer is making group calls. Working remotely is becoming the norm for many businesses, and with group calling abilities, your entire team can have face to face meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page. The office of the future is the virtual office.

The benefits of VoIP service for the office

If you have to video conference from vacation, make sure you find the best view.

Video call from vacation

Video calling makes it seem like no matter where you are, you’re still in the same place. When you are delegating responsibilities and setting goals while you’re on vacation, it’s nice to be able to see your whole team and look them in the eye. Plus, how cool is it to video call the office from vacation, casually forgetting about the ice-cold fruity cocktail in the background? It may seem like you’re showing off, but any boss that figures out how to run a business and take a vacation at the same time deserves to brag a little.

VoIP services for your Denver business

Talk to an IT expert about setting up VoIP service for your business. With VoIP, the dream of running a business and taking a vacation just got a little bit more realistic.

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