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A business email service is one of the main communication hubs for organizations of all types to keep tabs on all the processes that take place daily. You want the business email service to facilitate seamless conversation, have a high storage capacity and be as quick as possible to optimize communication throughout the organization.

Determining what is best for your business can be difficult, as there are so many email alternatives out there. Here are some tips to help narrow down your search for a quality email service provider. 

Email vs Webmail

There are so many business email services you can use, ranging from G Suite Gmail to Rackspace Email to Office 365 Outlook. Each of these email services has high capacity levels, allows you to segment your emails, and are popular email options. 

Alternatively, some businesses use a webmail service as their business email service of choice. Webmail allows you to access an email system through any browser via an internet connection. With webmail services, email services, contacts, and calendar services are kept on the service provider’s online service. If you live your life on the go, it’s a fitting solution for you. 

The drawback with webmail is that security can be compromised, especially if you’re using a public computer. Additionally, webmail doesn’t have the storage space that email does. With the depth of email services that exist, you should strongly consider them for your business.

Office Email Service

A business email service should have great storage capacity and a lot of speed.

Email Protocols 

Two common protocols used for a business email service are the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP ) and the Post Office Protocol (POP). Both protocols retrieve mails for a server and create mailboxes for different user accounts. 

However, the IMAP allows the client program to access mail. Users can read/reply to/delete the mail while still on the server as well. Microsoft Exchange acts as an IMAP server, offering greater user convenience because they never download mail to client computers. IMAP is also the protocol of choice when using multiple computers.

Whether hosted or on-premise, OnePointSync offers quality business email service for your business. Check out our service offerings and get a quote for installation.

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