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When you’re running a small business, the dream of a summer vacation is just that – a dream. However, every now and then, we have to get out of the office and spend some quality time with family and friends, or maybe you want a solitary vacation where you can clear your head and gain some perspective on life away from the hustle and bustle. That being said, there’s not a small business owner in the world that takes a vacation, either alone or with loved ones, without bringing their laptop. OnePointSync can set you up for secure remote access to all of your work data while you are on vacation.

Software for secure remote access while on vacation

As long as you have WiFi, we can set up your computer to be able to securely access all of your work data.

Working while on vacation

The greatest part of getting software so you can have remote access to your entire business is that once you’re setup, you can be just about anywhere in the world. As long as you have Internet access, we don’t care if you’re on your way to Mars or Monte Carlo, with the right software, you can be instantly connected to your entire team, documents, email, etc.

Instant access to all your data

Remote access software is easy and secure, and it gives every business owner the flexibility to better balance work and life. It allows even the busiest boss to be able to take a family vacation without abandoning their team or neglecting clients. Plus, when you’re the boss, leaving work completely can cause more stress than relaxation. Your family may roll their eyes when you pack your laptop and cell phone, but, they’ll be much happier that you have peace of mind that you are just a WiFi connection away in case you are needed to troubleshoot or make an important decision. With remote access, you can still watch little Timmy and Jane do tricks in the pool while you sneak a peek at your email every now and again.

Secure remote access while on vacation

Enjoy your family summer vacation knowing that you can access your work in case of an emergency.

Secure your remote access

Of course, since you can access your business data remotely, there’s always the fear that someone else can, too. At OnePointSync, we’ll set up the right security measures to make sure that your connection and access is secure, no matter where you are. Security measures are anything from encryption methods, passwords, and auto logout if a session is left static for too long.

Remote access IT solutions for small businesses

Talk to an IT expert about setting up your laptop for secure remote access. Depending on your industry and the type of data you’ll be accessing, we can help you find the right security measures. Find that delicate work-life balance with secure remote access.

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