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Attracting talent to small business

Allow employees to telecommute and work remotely for better work-life balance.

Every entrepreneur knows that your company is only as good as the team you assemble. The greatest idea can fail if you can’t attract the right people. Of course, every entrepreneur also knows that attracting talent to a small business can be challenging, mostly because you don’t have the capital or an established brand that make it easier for big companies to buy talent. However, money isn’t everything, and fortunately, small businesses have a lot going for them that are becoming more and more important for talented workers when choosing a company.

What small businesses have that big business don’t have

When it comes to finding a job, especially for millennials, flexibility, diversity, and the chance to expand their position within the company are big attractors. A small business or startup has the luxury of being able to allow employees to be flexible with their work hours as well as their duties and responsibilities. In a big corporation, positions tend to be much more specialized, locking employees into one specific job. In a small business, many times, employees can define their job description and may be able to expand their duties.

Better work-life balance at a small business

Being able to define your own work schedule and your job description is very attractive to workers. We’re all looking to find that perfect balance between business and pleasure, and a small business is often much more flexible. A small business also tends to function more like a family. Since there are fewer people, the small group of talent that you do hire need to become one cohesive unit that all work together to reach a common goal. How you reach that goal can vary greatly. As long as everyone does their job, it doesn’t always matter whether you are working a traditional 9-5 in an office, or sitting at home, or in the park. Working for a small business will allow you to balance work and life.

How to attract the best talent

Small businesses are more flexible, giving employees more freedom to define their position in the company.

Less hierarchy and more independence

Although there will always be some sort of hierarchy in a small business, every employee is valued, and there is a bigger tendency to lean toward self-management, rather than following a strict hierarchical structure. In a small business or startup, there are no rules, and being able to start somewhere and help define the corporate culture and be innovative with new working structures can be very attractive to talented employees.

IT solutions to help attract talent to your small business

The chance to telecommute and work remotely is a big draw. Make sure you have the IT solutions in place to allow employees to work from anywhere with remote access software safely. Talk to us about your options, and make your small business attractive to big talent.

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